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Every problem has a solution, Here we come up with a satisfactory solution.

Our technical solution satisfy your needs

Success of a corporation comes only with the cooperation.We help you to achieve that with our website which gives a clear cut idea about our service.



Lets control the universe with our hands. We do what ever you want as what ever you can imagine and even what ever you can’t imagine. Your organisation is going to┬ámature with our amazing products.

Android App

Control anything and every thing in the universe through your android phone.We create really cool and quality apps for your phone and tablet.


Let’s taste the fruit of Apple application.We create really cool and quality apps for your phone, tablet and watch.

Web Dev

Grab all the sights with your website.Using all the features of newest technologies and patterns AjwaStudio makes responsive web pages.

Desktop App

We are here with wide spectrum of window’s product. Here is a window to challenge , prove , establish our coding ability to satisfy your needs.